Information that we collect

When you use ImgTC, some information is collected to allow the website to function properly. Each time you upload images, your IP address is stored along with the image information such as its size, a unix timestamp, and your registered username if applicable. However, any exif data that may be stored in an image is removed fully during the upload process, and none of it is retained by ImgTC.

Additional technical information regarding your device, web browser, and ISP may also be collected for data analysis to improve the functionality of the website. This information is not shared with any other parties. However, ImgTC does make use of Google Analytics which collects similar information.

If you are a registered user, the email address you provided during registration is stored along your account details such as your IP address. ImgTC may set a cookie on your computer to easily manage your login information. However, this cookie does not interact with any other information on your computer, and does not track you in any way.

ImgTC uses Google Analytics on most pages. If your device has Javascript enabled, your device will submit certain data to Google's Analytics servers. You may read more about what data is collected for that service here.

ImgTC may also set cookies for use with Google Adsense. These cookies allow Google to display personalized advertisements to users by using non personally identifiable information. You may read more information about this process here. If you have questions regarding Google Adsense or Google Analytics, please contact Google or ImgTC via email.
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